Depressed Men Fellowship

Depressed in Name Only


Some of us have been very close friends for over thirty years while others are more recent to join the group. A common bond that most of us possess is our love for the Lord Jesus Christ.; Most of the "geezers" in the group got to know each other very well in a Church started back in the 1970's called Word of Life Fellowship. Today, we attend and participate at several different churches in the area.

The group started several years ago because of a Thursday night book study group. The name was given to us by one of the wives as she remarked about the title of book being studied. Henceforth, we have been known as "The Depressed Men's Group" After the Thursday night book study, many of us congregate at a local Pub for food, fun, libation and fellowship. Some of us enjoy cigars and the rest of us tolerate the rich aromatic second hand smoke of our friends.

We are depressed in name only and you may verify this by viewing some of the pictures that will be posted to this site. Those of us that are married have lovely wives (again verified by pictures) and loving wives, take my word for that.

We are experts on everything and we are experts on nothing but that does not keep us from talking about it. Diverse conversations accompany our time of fellowship at the Pub. Most of us find our religion and politics to be conservative and yet have some members that would defend the more liberal aspects of life. That is part of the fun